Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Gardens of Nara, Gathering 1117AF

Sketches and Scenes from the Gardens of Nara in Nihon. Our hosts for the Gathering of 1117AF were most accommodating.

The Approach to the Gardens of Nara

Sounds of water and the knocking of bamboo to enjoy in the quieter moments in the garden.

Lanterns in the Maple Tree

Gong by the Ritual Circle

Hanging Charms of Bamboo

Entrance to the Ritual Circle

Adventures of Bear in Nihon

Sketches I did for Scarlett, she was going to miss her dad while he travelled to the Gathering in Nihon and he promised to bring her Bear and tell tales of his adventures on his return to cheer her up. Bear came with me for a visit to the Gardens of Nara and he went home safe with her dad the sketches.

Bear Gets a Lift With Anders

Bear Rests With the Dragon

The Sword of Ravus

During the Summer Moot I spent time chatting with Ravus in the Healers Guild. He described an old sword of his. Listening to his words I sketched the forms in my mind. Hopefully he will find his sword by the Spring Moot next year and I will see how accurate I have managed to interpret his words.

The Sword of Ravus

The Gryphons Summer Moot 1117AF

I feel I should apologise to the people of the Gryphon Faction, I had intentions of providing more sketches to capture their culture and scenery but unfortunately I was involved in the high magic trials. The trials took far more time than I expected and my time was limited to only a couple of sketches, one is the sword above the flames and the other of an urn by the ritual circle. In addition to these is the sketch of a sign hanging outside the Scouts Guild.

Sword Above The Flames

The Urn by The Circle

Sign of the Scouts Guild

Friday, 2 June 2017

Botanical Drawings at the Healers Guild

Despite my young, slim and spritely appearance (ahem!) it is often the games of skill and intellect that interest me at the GEF. I was delighted to see Nephri had organised a botanical drawing competition at the Healers Guild and I couldn’t resist taking part. I was amazed at the standard of work my fellow artists had submitted and flattered that my work was appreciated when standing among such fine pieces.

The Spinning Wheel

My usual morning wanders took me to the Tesseract. All was quiet before the beginning of the games and my attention was taken by a spinning wheel standing in the corner of the viewing pit.

The Clock at the Tesseract

After finishing my sketch of the spinning wheel I strolled around to the other viewing pit to cast an eye over the arenas and combat pits. Standing between them was a clock hanging off a stone pillar.